Sommuto is an all-foam mattress featuring multi-foam layers made up of high-density memory foam and gel. This average firmness mattress is manufactured in Australia with high-quality Australian foam; which is why its prices are comparatively high than other all-foam mattresses.

This mattress is recommended to people suffering from back pain as the design of Sommuto is perfect for alleviating back pain and soreness.

The use of environment-friendly and hypoallergenic materials makes it ideal for a healthy sleeping experience. Our review is mainly centered on analyzing the features, quality, materials, specifications and other necessary things which a buyer must know before placing the order of this mattress.

Reading it will surely cut off your confusion and assist you in knowing whether this mattress is right for you or not.

A Quick Peek at Our Sommuto mattress Review

To save your precious time, we have created a list of all the main points that would cover the essential information of Sommuto mattress. If you are in a hurry, then you can read only the detailed explanation of the points of your interest. Otherwise, you can take out 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to read the full-fledged review of this mattress.

Let’s cut the crap and move to the main contents of our review:

  • The quality of materials used in the mattress
  • The feel and firmness level of the mattress
  • The edge support of the mattress
  • The weight and thickness of the mattress
  • The temperature of the mattress
  • The cost of the mattress
  • The warranty period and trial scheme of the mattress
  • The delivery of the mattress
  • Summing up

1. The Quality of Materials used in the Mattress

Every foam based mattress is different due to the materials used in it. Materials and their quality play a central role in the overall ratings and comfort level of a mattress. So, reviewing the materials of this mattress is our priority.

Every foam based mattress is different due to the materials used in it. Materials and their quality play a central role in the overall ratings and comfort level of a mattress. So, reviewing the materials of this mattress is our priority.

The main element which makes this mattress unique is the Australian foam rather than the imported foams that are used by most of the mattresses companies. The Australian foam enhances its overall quality as well as durability.

In its design, Sommuto is a standard mattress featuring three distinctive layers. Now, let’s dive in every layer of this mattress to get a better understanding of its materials:

Cover Layer

The cover layer of this mattress is made up of Tempright fabric; which is ideal for Australia’s changing climate. The Thermatex technology of this stretchy knit fabric retains the excess heat; which makes the cover breathable.

This cover is designed with the aim of solving the overheating problem of sleepers. The diamond pattern created with grey and white colors makes the cover attractive!

Gel Infused Memory Foam Layer

Underneath the cover comes the high-grade gel-infused memory foam layer that contours the body by absorbing the weight. The open cell structure contributes to the coolness of the mattress by eradicating its heat.

The gel present in this layer controls the heating effect of memory foam. This foam also provides necessary pressure relief as it doesn’t compress like the other foams.

High Resilience Foam Layer

The above layer is supported by a firmer high resilience layer that increases the support and contour level of this mattress and also provides pressure point relief to some level. Its convoluted surface maintains the airflow by removing the heat and moisture.

High-Density Foam Layer

The base layer of this mattress is high-density foam that gives a proper structure and support to the entire mattress. The spine support is received from this layer of the mattress. Its textured surface regulates the airflow between all the layers.

2. The Feel and Firmness Level of the Mattress

Sommuto mattress firmness rating

The three foam layers of Sommuto make it a medium-firm mattress; which is the obvious choice of a majority of sleepers. This balanced feel of “not too soft and not too hard” is achieved due to the seamless fusion of memory foam and comfort foam.

Memory foam adds the firmness, while comfort foam provides a relaxed sinking feeling to the sleepers. The support of this mattress is gaining appreciations from both the solo and partner sleepers. People of different body proportions and sizes have different views about this mattress.

For example, average size people would have an awesome sleeping experience on this mattress in every position. Such people would get the proper spine aligned while sleeping on their backs and necessary cushioning on every sensitive part while sleeping on their stomach. The foam layer won’t sink too far to provide pressure relief to these sleepers when they will be sleeping on their sides.

However, large and small size people would likely to have good sleeping experience on this mattress in only a few positions. Small size sleepers would love the feel while sleeping on their back and sides but may have to add extra cushioning while sleeping on their stomach.

Large size sleepers who sleep on their stomach and back will be satisfied with this mattress, but those who sleep on their sides may not be that much comfortable.

One specialty of all-foam mattresses is their ability to control the motion transfer as foam absorbs movement, unlike springs that react to it. This same quality is also observed in Sommuto mattress and users are reporting of zero disturbances due to the movements of their partners.

3. The Edge Support of the Mattress

The edge support of this mattress isn’t that much good so, people who struggle to get out of the bed can look for firmer options. The edges will sink several inches when someone would sit on it. This happens because the first two layers compress down to the support base layer. However, this is usually common among the all-foam mattress. But you can give this mattress a try if you aren’t that much bothered about the edge support.

4. The Weight and Thickness of the Mattress

Sommuto mattress is heavier than other all-foam mattresses due to its high-density foam layer, but still, it will be easy to move as it comes in a compressed form.

The weight of Queen Size mattress is 32 kilograms. You should rotate the mattress once in every three months to maintain the balance.

The thickness level of Sommuto is 26 cm; which is average as compared to other foam mattresses. Its thickness is perfect for providing support and comfort, yet people who prefer higher mattresses would find it lacking. You can place it on the standard base, floor or on a futon. Slatted bases would also work, but ensure that the distance between slats should not be more than 10 cm.

5. The Temperature of the Mattress

The gel infused mattresses are usually cooler than the other mattresses so; you won’t face any problem with the temperature and cooling ability of this mattress. However, if your bedroom remains warm during the summer months, then there are chances of heat retention.

6. The Cost of the Mattress

Foam mattresses are gaining popularity because their prices are comparatively two to three times lesser than the spring-based mattresses.

The prices of Sommuto are also lower than the traditional spring mattresses, but they are higher as compared to the all-foam designs. The reason for this is the high-quality Australian foam and the cover which you can seldom find in any other all-foam mattress.

Due to its production in Australia, no foreign materials are used in this mattress.

Here are the prices of all the variants of this mattress:

  • Single: $699
  • King Single: $799
  • Double: $899
  • Queen: $949
  • King: $1049

7. The Warranty Period and Trial Scheme of the Mattress

This foam based mattress comes with a 10 year warranty period. During this time, you can claim problems like sagging or tears, and you will receive free service. The trial scheme of this mattress is for 100 nights in which you can test the quality and feel of this mattress.

If you don’t feel satisfied with any aspect, then you can return the mattress before ending of the trial period, and you will get the full refund. These returned mattresses are given to local charity groups or recycling centres.

8. The Delivery of the Mattress

You will receive free shipping across every area of Australia, and the mattress arrives in a compressed version which takes its shape within a few minutes of unpacking.

People residing in metropolitan areas like Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne will receive their mattress after 1 to 3 days of ordering. However, people residing in Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, and all the other regional areas have to wait for 3 to 5 days after placing their orders.

9. Summing Up

After all the discussions, we came to the conclusion that Sommuto is a good choice for average size sleepers who are looking for a foam mattress with cooling abilities.

Some buyers may find it expensive, but its rates are totally accurate as per its quality. If you are looking for a truly Australian mattress that would provide pain relief and make your nights easy, then you can end your search here!

Now, book your mattress online and give it a try.


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