The Sleeping Duck mattress is a hybrid mattress made up while keeping in mind the overall comfort level of sleepers. This customizable mattress is only available in Australia and U.K as of now.

Created with high-quality materials like latex, pocketed foils and memory foam, this mattress is available in medium and firm layering which the buyers can choose as per their personal comfort level.

One can also purchase a combination of firm and medium layers. Every layer is movable so that the buyer can arrange it for the comfort of every body part.

The customer centralized approach of Sleeping Duck mattress is gaining worldwide appreciation, and it is also awarded as the best mattress of 2019.

So, before you place an order for this expensive yet worthy mattress, you should read a comprehensive review of Sleeping Duck mattress to familiarise with every aspect of it.

My Sleeping Duck Review at a Glance

Hey, we value your time! So, let’s see the contents of our review first before you spend your next 4-5 minutes in reading it.

This would be helpful in identifying the parts which are important according to you. But, we advise you to read every point to get a better understanding.

Now, let’s have a look at all of these points:

Material Used in the Sleeping Duck Mattress

The first question that strikes our mind when we think of buying a mattress is its material. That’s why we are going to discuss its material first. Sleeping duck is a kind of hybrid mattress that is made up of the following materials:

  • Bamboo Cover: The bamboo top layer of Sleeping Duck mattress is created to provide a smooth and silky experience to sleepers. Along with it, to keep it fresh for longer, it is packed with anti-microbial properties.
  • Hyperactive Foam: Hyperactive form is the seamless blend of comforting features of memory foam and elasticity of latex. Due to this foam, the Sleeping Duck mattress feels totally weightless.
  • 5 Zone Pocket Spring: The 5 zone spring assures that every part of the mattress is equally comforting and support-providing. The best part is that the whole mattress won’t move due to the twist and turns of one partner!

Quality and Feel of the Mattress

The high-quality foams and updated spring technology provide an excellent sleeping experience to the buyers. The memory foam of Sleeping Duck mattress decrease motion. Every firmness level of this mattress gives a unique feel to sleepers.

Some people consider medium firmness level as the more firm layer put pressure on sensitive body parts, while other people, specifically heavier side sleepers, love the more firm option. This mattress is ideal for back sleepers as the base springs provide extra support and cradle the neck as well.

So, overall, most of the buyers are satisfied with one layer or the other of Sleeping Duck mattress.

Number of Layers in the Sleeping Duck Mattress

The Sleeping duck Mattress Layers

Knowing about the total layers of Sleeping Duck mattress would help you in picturing it and how it will exactly look on your bed. The number of layers in this mattress varies from country to country. It comes with four distinct layers in the U.K., which are:

  • Natural latex: 2 cm
  • Memory foam: 2 cm
  • High-density foam (to adjust the firmness): 6 cm
  • Pocket springs: 20 cm

On the other hand, the same mattress comes with three layers in Australia, which are:

  • Hyper-adaptive foam: 4 cm
  • High-density foam (to adjust the firmness): 6 cm
  • Pocket springs: 20 cm

Whereas the total height of the queen size Sleeping Duck mattress is 31 cm, and the overall weight is 48 kg.

The Temperature of Sleeping Duck Mattress

Regular mattresses are generally too hot or too cold. The reason is that mattresses which are made up of foam have thicker insulation so; the heat couldn’t escape and makes these warm.

On the contrary, the spring-based mattresses are coolest due to low insulation level. However, this isn’t the case with Sleeping Duck mattress.

The temperature of sleeping duck mattress is neither too hot nor too cold because it is designed with the combination of both foam and springs. So, its temperature is medium; which is ideal for users residing in every climate zone.

The Durability

According to the test and studies performed on Sleeping Duck mattress, it is found that this mattress is highly durable and can sustain up to 10 years after purchase. The buyer can also get the replacement of failed parts in case of over 30 mm sagging; which is covered under the warranty scheme.

The Base Required for this Mattress

You don’t have to worry about special bases while purchasing Sleeping Duck mattress because this mattress works best on any firm flat surface. However, if you are going to buy a slatted base for this mattress, then it is advisable to consider a good bed base that has less than 8 cm distance between slats.

As we know that this mattress contains separate pocket springs; which means that each spring needs proper support to work efficiently. Larger gaps in the base won’t be able to provide that support so; keep this thing in mind while choosing the base.

Cost of the Sleeping Duck Mattress

The Sleeping Duck mattress is quite expensive as compared to other mattresses available in the market. However, it not only beat other companies in price but also in the quality and experience. So, this hybrid mattress is totally worthy of it.

We are providing the country and size-wise prices of Sleeping duck mattress here:

Prices in Australia:

  • Single: $799
  • King Single: $899
  • Double: $1,099
  • Queen: $1,349
  • King: $1,449

Prices in the U.K:

  • UK Single: £399
  • EU Single: £499
  • UK Double: £549
  • EU Double: £599
  • UK King: £649
  • EU King: £699
  • UK Super King: £749

The Warranty Period

The Sleeping Duck warranty scheme remains valid for 10 years from the date of purchasing. During this period, excessive body imprints that are deeper than 30 mm are covered under this warranty.

It means you can take pictures of the failed parts and send these to the company in case your mattress got this issue. Other than that, the company would not fix or mend any minor manufacturing inconsistencies such as a small tear which can be fixed by sewing.

Changing of firmness layering after completion of the trial period won’t be covered under this warranty.

Sleeping Duck Mattress Offers

The 100-night sleep trial scheme offered by Sleeping Duck mattress allows you to evaluate the firmness level of the mattress and change it as per your needs for free! The mattress company won’t charge anything if you will demand to change firmness layer within the prescribed period.

You can test the quality and comfort level of Sleeping Duck mattress for a few nights, then you can ask for altering whole firmness layer or some parts of the layer if you aren’t satisfied.

Again, if you are feeling uncomfortable on the changed layer as well then, you are allowed to return the mattress with free pickup service from the company. However, such cases rarely happen with this super amazing mattress!

Sleeping Duck Mattress vs Other Mattresses

Sleeping Duck mattress is unique and contains features that highly differ from other mattresses. There is scarcely any other mattress company that provides customization option of firmness to the buyers. Unlike the other mattresses, it is not wholly made up of foam or of springs, but a combination of both these materials which is why it aces the market!

In other mattresses, people usually have to face disturbance issues due to the extra bounce level. Even a little move by one person shakes the whole mattress; which is really annoying for double users.

Sleeping Duck mattress is free from this problem as well! The hybrid material of this mattress minimizes the motion to ensure a good night sleep! Other mattresses can’t satisfy the choosy sleepers who like to decide the firmness of every area of their mattress.

But, sleeping duck mattress can make them happy by changing the firmness level of each particular area apart from changing the whole layer.

Now, it’s your turn to make a final choice after understanding everything related to this mattress. Keep your comfort, sleep and peculiar requirements in mind while making your decision. Do what is best for you; no matter whatever it is!


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