Simba is a very famous mattress company that has created various types of mattresses over the years to provide a comfortable sleep for every sleeper.

The main mattress which we are going to talk about is the Simba hybrid mattress. This is a high-quality mattress which is created after extensive research through the US-based Sleep to Live Institute. Simba is a medium-firm mattress which is especially liked by the back and side sleepers.

It is designed very strategically with a blend of 5 distinct layers of latex, memory foam, conical pocket springs, and 7 zone support foam. It is an average priced mattress that promises to provide you with the much need comfort and support.

We have created this review to give unbiased details about every feature of this mattress. By the end of it, you will gain knowledge about all the necessary things related to this mattress; which will be helpful in deciding that it is ideal for you or not.

Our Review of Simba Mattress in a Glance:

We understand that you can’t spend much time staring at your screen. So, we have only mentioned useful information about Simba mattress in this review. We will be focusing on the quality, feel, feedbacks and materials of this mattress in this in-depth analysis.

We have divided it all in some pointers to save your time so that you don’t have to scan through the whole article to find the points of your interest. Let’s have a quick peek at the main points of this review:

  • The quality of materials used in the mattress
  • The feel and firmness level of the mattress
  • The edge support of the mattress
  • The weight and thickness of the mattress
  • The temperature of the mattress
  • The cost of the mattress
  • The warranty scheme and trial period of the mattress
  • The delivery of the mattress
  • Summing up

1. The Quality of Materials Used in the Mattress:

Simba mattress is made up of 5 different layers with a depth of 25 cm. All the layers are planned in order to give a seamless sleeping experience to the buyers. Let’s see what’s in these layers and how can these benefit you.

Simba Mattress Layers

Cover layer:

The cover layer is made up of hypoallergenic cloth that regulates the body temperature and provides a cool sleeping experience. This cover is designed with 100% polyester, and it is not removable or washable. You can clean it with a damp cloth or any fabric cleaning product. The cover is kept thin for airflow purposes, and it comes in a color combination of white and grey.

Simbatex latex layer:

The top layer of this mattress is made up of a unique material designed by the company; which is known as Simbatex. It is a synthetic latex layer infused with soybean balms for natural cooling. This layer is 4cm thick and totally breathable. It maintains the airflow of the mattress.

Conical pocket spring layer:

This 20 mm layer is made up of 2,500 conical pocket springs that are enclosed in pure polyester. The horizontal and vertical movements of these springs provide support on every moment of every type of sleeper. These springs are specially designed to adjust to your spine and reduce partner disturbance.

Viscoelastic memory foam layer:

The next layer is viscoelastic memory foam with a width of 3.5 cm. This layer aims at providing the contouring and hugging feel to the sleepers. It molds around the body to relieve the pressure points.

7 zone base foam layer:

The base is the thickest layer of 15.5 cm; which is made up of high resilience density foam. It features 7 distinct zones that support your spine in an amazing way. These zones also work for controlling the temperature and keeping everything cool.

The best thing is all the foams used in this mattress have received the CertiPUR label. This label is given to the foams that are created without the usage of any unwanted chemicals such as heavy metals, mercury or flame retardants. All the mattresses of Simba are made in Europe.

2. The Feel and Firmness Level of the Mattress:

The hybrid design of Simba aims to provide comfort and support to the sleepers of every size and sleeping style. To ensure this, they have used each and every material ranging from pocket springs to memory foam.

On the firmness scale, we will rate it 6 on 10; which means it is a medium to firm mattress with a medium sinking level. The pocket springs give support to every part of your body. The viscoelastic memory foam provides a hugging sensation by molding according to your body.

According to the customers, Simba gives a firm and supportive feel while being soft and comfortable. The special conical pocket springs adapt to the body shape of sleepers in order to provide individualized comfort.

Every spring reacts separately to every movement due to which sleepers experience pressure point relief while sleeping on this mattress. Along with it, the memory foam layer is tailored for additional comfort; which makes it a good mattress for back pain.

Simba is suitable to most of the sleepers because it has done extensive research before designing the mattress. The company has done research on 10 million sleepers along with 180 million body profile data points to select the materials.

However, one mattress can’t suit each and every sleeper. So, stomach sleepers may find the contouring effect of this mattress quite uncomfortable. It causes pressure on the unsupported back by hugging the waist of the stomach sleepers.

Side sleepers are loving the contour, support and hugging feel of this mattress. The 7 zone base is perfect for side and back sleepers as it provides the much-needed pressure relief. The patent conical pocket springs of Simba reduce motion transfer, and most of the customer is appreciating this feature of the mattress.

3. The Edge Support of the Mattress:

The edge support of Simba mattress is excellent. Although the box mattresses usually don’t excel in this area, Simba has managed to do it by adding an extra foam layer around the perimeter of pocket springs.

Due to it, you can enjoy a great level of support even around the edges of this mattress. You are going to love this mattress if you sleep close to the edge and often like to sit on the edges.

4. The Weight and Thickness of the Mattress:

Simba delivers every size mattress in a 107cm x 50cm x 50cm box. The mattress is quite heavy, and the Queen Size variant weighs 39 kilograms. The company delivers the mattress to your front door.

After that, you will need help to place this heavy mattress on your bed. Customers say that it takes only the time of 3 to 5 hours to come in its original shape. The thickness of this mattress is 25 cm, and it can sit on any firm even surface. While placing it on a slatted base, remember that the distance between slats shouldn’t be more than 3 cm.

5. The Temperature of the Mattress:

The temperature of this mattress generally remains cool due to the company’s self-made Simbatex top layer, natural soybean balms, and high-quality foams. Along with it, the breathable sleep surface also allows the air to pass freely through the mattress to keep the sleepers cool.

6. The Cost of the Mattress:

The price of Simba is average in single and double sizes. It is neither the most reasonably priced nor the most expensive mattress. This fact is quite surprising; because the high-quality materials along with a well-researched design deserve a high price as well.

But, purchasing a larger variant like Queen Size will surely cost you a little more as compared to the other mattresses of the same size. Read on the prices below:

  • Single: $799
  • Double: $899
  • Queen: $1199
  • King: $1299

7. The Warranty Scheme and Trial Period of the Mattress:

The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty scheme and 100 night trial period. But, customers have complained about the issues they faced while returning the mattress during the trial period. Some said that the calls and emails were going unanswered; which is a negative point of this mattress company.

Some people also complained that the mattress developed a ridge in the middle and sagging on one side after a few days of use. Such things are covered in the warranty scheme, but the company isn’t that much responsive due to which customers are facing issues in reporting about these things.

8. The Delivery of the Mattress:

Simba Mattress Packaging

Delivery of this mattress is free in every area of Australia, and it takes usually 1-7 days. If you will place the order on a weekday before 2:30, then it will be processed the same day. The company only delivers the mattress in weekdays and don’t offer it on public holidays plus weekends.

This mattress has received the highest number of negative feedbacks in the delivery area. Multiple buyers have informed about Simba’s lack of communication and not delivering the product on the promised day. The company has canceled the order of some customers by showing the mattress out of stock after they placed the order. All these things are causing a lot of troubles to the buyers.

9. Summing Up:

In the end, we would say that Simba is a good option for back and side sleepers who are looking for an average priced hybrid mattress in Australia. People who sleep hot will also like the cooling ability of this mattress.

Edge support is another point worth highlighting here. People who are looking for a medium to firm mattress; which is supportive would also love Simba. So, if you are one of them, then place your order now!


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