Onebed is an all-foam box mattress featuring much more spring than other foam mattresses and high-quality Dunlop latex. The soft top promises a sinking feel while supportive middle provides a hugging effect in this mattress.

People moving from spring mattresses need more time to adjust with the all-foam designs for which Onebed offers a good trial period.

With a competitive price, this mattress is gaining good reviews from most of the customers. Customers struggling with back pain and neck soreness are much happy with this mattress and claiming that their pain disappeared after sleeping on this mattress for a few nights.

Onebed may not be that much popular as compared to the other foam designs, but it is worth giving a try.

You can know whether this mattress is good for you or not by reading our review. The detailed explanation of this review will highlight every fact related to this mattress knowing which will be enough to determine its worth for you.

Our Onebed Mattress Review in a Glance

The aim of writing this review is providing genuine information about every aspect of Onebed mattress. To save your time, we have formatted all the useful data collected about the feel, quality, firmness and other areas of this mattress into some meaningful pointers.

You have to go through them by trusting the buyers from which we have collected this information.

Let’s see what these pointers are:

  • The quality of the materials used in the mattress
  • The feel and firmness level of the mattress
  • The edge support of the mattress
  • The weight and thickness of the mattress
  • The temperature of the mattress
  • The cost of the mattress
  • The warranty scheme and trial period of the mattress
  • Our final verdict

Are you ready for in-depth analysis? Read on to know more:

1. The Quality of the Materials Used in the Mattress

The Onebed mattress features 3 comfort layers along with a top cover. All the materials used in this mattress are of high quality such as Dunlop latex. The use of typical foam materials in a strategic manner makes this mattress different from its competitors. Let’s look at each layer to see how it is different and effective from other all-foam mattresses.

Onebed Mattress Qulaity and Material

Cover Layer

The cover layer is designed with luscious polyester fabric; which is woven. This cover is removable and washable. The use of this cloth aims at keeping away moisture from the surface of this mattress. The top of this cover is soft white poly blend while sides are navy blue; which are made up of protective sturdier fabric.

Dunlop Latex Layer

The first comfort layer of this mattress is made up of 4cm thick Dunlop latex. This layer is designed to provide immediate pressure relief to the sleepers. This highly responsive layer makes Onebed different from all the other memory foam mattresses. It takes a few seconds to melt and soften the foam on other foam mattresses.

But, you can instantly sink and settle in this mattress due to the top Dunlop latex layer. This layer provides a gentle bounce and adequate cooling to the sleepers.

Viscoelastic Memory Foam Layer

The second comfort layer is of viscoelastic memory foam. This layer is also 4cm thick. The task of providing deep compression relief is fulfilled by this memory foam layer. It prevents any soreness by hugging your hips, shoulders and spine.

High-Density Foam Layer

The base layer of this mattress is 18cm thick high-density polyurethane base foam. This layer enhances the overall durability of the mattress while supporting the spine and distributing the weight evenly.

The plus point of all these layers is that the foams used in these are eco-friendly. So, you can choose it without worrying about your health.

The Feel and Firmness Level of the Mattress

Onebed Mattress Firmness Rating

The motive of Onebed was to create a mattress that can satisfy all types of sleepers. However, we know that fulfilling it is impossible as one mattress can’t satisfy every sleeper yet, Onebed reached very close to fulfilling it.

The use of memory foam, along with bouncy latex, creates a perfect sleeping surface for varied sleepers. The layers altogether provide an average medium-firm feel; which is favored by a majority of sleepers. Along with it, the mattress gives support plus contouring comfort to the sleepers.

This mattress is mostly loved by side and back sleepers. The heavier stomach sleepers may also like the firmness of this mattress, but it won’t be able to satisfy average to light stomach sleepers.

Usually, stomach sleepers don’t go along with all foam designs as they can’t take the pressure off their sensitive areas, yet many stomach sleepers love this mattress. As we know, exceptions are everywhere!

Talking about side and back sleepers, the blend of bouncy latex and body-hugging memory foam is perfect for these sleeping positions. The top of this mattress provides cushioning to the back sleepers, while the memory foam won’t let the hips sink too deep.

Side sleepers would love the pressure distribution feature of this mattress as laying on your side causes too much pressure on your shoulders, torsos and hips. This mattress contours to the body shape of such sleepers by distributing their weight.

You may worry about the disturbance as this mattress has latex; which causes bounce. But, to your amazement, this foam mattress performs the job of absorbing movement fantastically. The latex and memory foam won’t let the mattress vibrate on the movement. The customers have also backed up the feature of zero motion transfer of Onebed through their reviews.

3. The Edge Support of the Mattress

The edge support of Onebed is quite average as you will experience an average compression while sitting on its edges. Although you will sink initially due to the memory foam layer, the latex will cover that up by giving you instant bounce.

This springy feeling makes it easy for you to hop out of bed. But, in edge support, it is same as the other memory foam mattresses.

4. The Weight and Thickness of the Mattress

Onebed Mattress Weight & Thickness

Just like the other all-foam box mattresses, Onebed mattress comes in compressed form in a box; which measures 1m x 50cm x 50cm. You will need a little bit of help in moving and placing this mattress. Fortunately, the design of this mattress doesn’t require flipping, but you have to rotate it in every 4 to 6 months.

The height of this mattress is average, and it is 26 cm thick having a good balance of comfort and support layers. The thickness of this mattress is also average, but you shouldn’t focus too much on thickness as it doesn’t affect the quality and feel of the mattress in any way.

5. The Temperature of the Mattress

This mattress has a good cooling ability. The latex layer plus the breathable cover regulates the airflow and prevent sweating or overheating. So, you won’t face any problems with the temperature of this mattress, but people residing in too hot areas may experience some heat retention during summer. You need not worry about this as it is quite common.

6. The Cost of the Mattress

Onebed is an average priced mattress which is neither too cheap nor too expensive. People who want to purchase a memory foam mattress with a decent budget can surely go for this one. You can get it without spending thousands of dollars, and it’s a great value mattress.

Let’s peek at the price chart of this mattress:

  • Single: $750
  • Double: $950
  • Queen: $1050
  • King: $115

7. The Warranty Scheme and Trial Period of the Mattress

The warranty scheme and trial period of this mattress are quite good as compared to other online mattress companies. Onebed provides its mattresses with 15-year warranty scheme and 125 day trial period. It means you get plenty of time to evaluate every aspect of this mattress.

You can easily request a return in case you aren’t satisfied with the mattress. The company picks up the mattress from your home like other companies and provide a full refund. It donates most of the mattresses to the Salvation Army.

8. Our Final Verdict

In the end, we would say that Onebed is perfect for a variety of sleepers. According to us, every sleeper can give it a try and we are sure that back and side sleepers won’t feel like returning it ever after trying it! We advise small stomach sleepers to look for other soft or hybrid mattress options.

On the other hand, if you are a back or side sleeper who likes little bouncy yet supportive mattress with a medium firmness level, then this mattress is a perfect fit for you. People seeking pressure relief and back pain relief will also love this all-foam mattress.

Well, it’s time for you to make your decision and Buy Onebed mattress if you are one from the above-given people except for the lightweight stomach sleepers.


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