Tossing and turning complete night or laying in bed awake for hours is a common issue for many people nowadays. Are you as well experiencing the same problem? If yes, then it can be a mattress issue too.

It is imperative for you to check and know everything about the mattress that you are sleeping on. Sleep is vital for your well being and can make a huge difference between feeling exhausted or energized.

Thus, it is substantial to first check if the mattress size is correct or not, is it the right time to change your mattress and what kind of mattress is best for you?

Buying a new mattress is a big decision and it is clear that one size cannot fit everyone. Thus, before purchasing, it is paramount to found out which mattress size is perfect as per your sleeping habits and space.

Few Things to consider before buying a mattress are:

  • Your sleeping position
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Partner
  • Number of pillows you use
  • Budget
  • How much personal room you need

Now, when you know everything about your requirements you should consider checking about what are the bed dimensions and mattress sizes so that you can choose one accordingly.

Overview of bed dimension and mattress size

Usually, best mattress in Australia comes in 7 sizes, let’s have a look at each of it.

Shape Bed Size Dimensions
Single Bed Size Single 92 x 188 cm
 Single Long Mattress Size Single Long Size 92 X 203 cm
King Single Mattress Size King Single 107 x 203 cm
Double Matress Size Double 138 x 188 cm
Queen Mattress Size Queen 153 x 203 cm
King Mattress Size King 183 x 203 cm
Super King Mattress Size Super King 203 x 203 cm


1) Single Size Bed Dimensions (92 cm X 188 cm)

This mattress is apt for a single sleeper and can be a great choice for kids of any age. It would offer your child enough space to sleep comfortably plus they would also be able to enjoy the remaining bedroom area.

It is compact and is also well suited for apartment and studio living, it is also known as a twin bed in the U.S. It can be a good option for students who stay alone and have a less budget in terms of space or money. Thus its dimensions are apt for smaller rooms, kids and studio apartments.

Single size beds might be slightly short for some people, thus check the dimensions and if you feel it is small, then you can also opt for a king-size single mattress.

2) Single Long Size Bed Dimensions (92 cm X 203 cm)

Tall people, this mattress is particularly made for you. This mattress is 16 cm longer than the single size bed mattress.

This mattress takes a little more space than the single size mattress and can also be used for a guest room or keeping it in the living room or a studio apartment. Thus, this mattress is apt for a person when space is at a premium. It is also called a long single or single extra-long mattress.

3) King Single Size Bed Dimensions (107 cm X 203 cm)

This mattress offers you with enough sleeping space for one person. It is ideal for growing kids, teens and even big kids plus it can also be used by a mature single sleeper. It’s dimensions are 107 X 203, which makes it both wider and longer as compared to the traditional single bed.

This mattress is great for taller people and for kids too as it would provide you with a peace of mind that your growing child would not need a bed in the near future. Perhaps, it is the best alternative to a single bed and is best for guest rooms or smaller bedrooms.

4) The Double (138 cm X 188 cm)

These mattresses are cosy for two sleepers and ideal for one person who needs a lot of space to sleep. These beds are also known as a full bed, as it has a standard length it can be perfect for both teens and adults, in fact, it can also be said that two adults can sleep easily without pets.

This size can be perfect for people who wish to buy a bed which is spacious but not too big which takes a lot of space for their room. It allows more movement during sleep as it offers a lot of space for a single person or two average-size individuals.

5) Queen Size Bed Dimensions (155 cm X 203 cm)

These mattresses are perfect for cosy winters and also provide enough space for personal space in summers. This is one of the best mattress sizes in Australia used by couples and most commonly sold. The extra width that it provides is apt for people who want more space, it can be used by couples, parents with kids or one adult with pets.

This is the most common popular size of mattress that is used as it offers a lot of comfort, luxury and practicality. They offer ample space and various varieties where the mattresses are made in such a way that it would not disturb your partner when you move around or get up.

6) King Size (183 cm X 203 cm)

This mattress is larger in width and is perfect for two adults with a child or a single adult with children. These beds are extremely wide and provide enough space for two people, it can be perfect for a couple who need a lot of space while sleeping.

The length of the king-size bed is the same as the queen size bed but provides extra width that means you would have a lot of space if you have younger ones visiting your bed. They offer you a lot of comfort while sleeping, it might not be the right choice for everyone but this mattress offers a lot of space and luxury.

7) The Super King (203 cm X 203 cm)

It is the most luxurious bed size which provides you ample of space to sleep but yes you need to ensure that there is a lot of space in your room to accommodate the super king size mattress.

This mattress is for a deluxe sleeper but is not a very common mattress size. It is perfect for people who want more space and have multiple children or pets.

It is ultimate in terms of luxury as if you start sleeping on this one, you would not want to switch on any other mattress size. As according to a research it was found out that for a lot of people, extra space means undisturbed and restful sleep, thus it has become a choice for busy couples who want a lot of space to sleep so that they can get up refreshed to meet next days challenges. Thus it is great for shift workers, restless sleepers and early risers.

This was about the dimensions and mattress sizes, after reading this you must have made your mind as per your family which mattress is ideal for you.

Wrapping Up On Mattress Sizes and Bed Sizes In Australia

Thus these were some of the best mattress sizes in Australia but it entirely depends on your requirements which one is apt for you. But do not ignore some factors such as if your mattress is more than 10 years old, even if it’s not torn or chipped still you should replace it as it might decline your sleep quality or you might wake up with a sore back. Also check on the mattress type, material and innerspring before buying a mattress.

So which mattress size are you buying after going through the entire guide? Or if you have any doubts, please feel free to ask them in the comment section below.


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