In case you’re looking for a comfy mattress, let me tell you, you’re exactly at the right place. I’m here to share my personal experience in this Koala Mattress review.

It is a mattress that will never fail your expectations. Helps in giving you the best experience of sleeping and is famous for its firmness and quality.

My Koala Mattress Review at a Glance

Having used the Koala Mattress for more than 3 weeks now, I decided to write this review to share how this mattress feels, what is it made of, how much is the cost, etc.

Before I answer all these questions, here’s a quick glance at my Koala mattress review.

Unboxing the Mattress

Unboxing the Mattress is really easy. To be honest, it doesn’t need any guide or some serious cautions to take under consideration, so one doesn’t need to get any instructions booklet or any cutting tools for it.

When it comes to unwrapping the Mattress it’s quite easy to deal with it, two people on the two ends of the Mattress need to pull out the rolled part from the wrapping sheet and place over the bed base, as simple as that.

Just one thing that we need to keep in mind while unwrapping and placing the mattress is that in case you are placing it on a bed frame with slats, they shouldn’t be farther than 7.5cm from each other.

Also, I recommend not using the mattress on the floor because of the reduced airflow.

We can sleep on Koala Mattress as soon as we unwrap it, at first it may smell due to “off-gassing” and because of coming out recently from the wrapping box.

It will take the mattress smell some time to fade, totally common in case of foam wrapped mattress. Ventilation will also help. You may keep the doors of the bedroom open or turn on the fan.

What is Koala Mattress made up of?

Koala Mattress consists of two specialized foam layers that are meant to give the ease and calm to the person sleeping in any position. Consisting of two layers help the Koala to set apart from competitors.

Earlier Koala used to designed Mattress differently but was unsatisfied with the latex and foam. So, it designed new foam, firm and spongy mattress having two layers top layer and a lower layer.

Koala Mattress Layers

The Top Layer: Top layer is basically a patented Kloudcell foam which is a poly blend that acts like memory foam and latex.

This layer helps the spring hold their intensity of regaining its shape after coming into contact with other surfaces. It’s specially designed for being springy and breathable, altogether giving a cushion-like feel.

It also doesn’t heat up like the rest of the mattresses and remains cool & wavy during the summer.

The Second Layer: It is a high-density eco foam with 5 level zoning. It acts as a support system for the spine, shoulders and the back so that the person can sleep comfortably and calmly without having aches in the back, spine or body.

Both the layers when works altogether give the sleeper the best experience of sleeping without having anybody aches and keep the sleeper sweat-free during the summer.

The dual-layer design is similar to that of the Ecosa Mattress which has three different layers. You can learn more about that in my detailed review of Ecosa mattress.

In order to keep these two soft foam layers protected, there is a soft and anti-microbial cover made from sustainably produced Tencel blend. The covers can be easily removed in order to wash it to keep the mattress clean, new and fresh for years.

How does it feel to sleep on Koala Mattress?

Koala Mattress is unique as it allows you to sleep in any position – the positions you are most comfortable with. Some people sleep with their bellies touching the bed while some sleep on the right edges and some on the extreme left.

Koala is the only Mattress that has extra edge sag plus it doesn’t dig in. If a person sleeps in the middle with their belly touching the bed, it feels like a person is sleeping on a bundle of hundred cotton stags. A whole new level of comfort and ease.

How is Koala Mattress better as compared to other Mattress?

If we start looking for Mattresses, we will get to see a variety of Mattress but not all of them will fulfill the demands of a sleeper neither will be the best choice.

So, during my trial of Koala Mattress, I found out the following things that make Koala better than other mattresses in Australia.

✅ Koala Mattress Doesn’t Sink!

If we take a look on Mattress on our homes, after some months we see that they start making a hole sort of sinking in the middle of the Mattress which makes a person feels like he’s resting on some plane surface instead of soft fluffy Mattress.

To overthrow this problem Koala Mattress is specially designed not to sink in or bend in, in the middle of the mattress.

With its springy and spongy behavior, it regains its shape back once it comes into the pressure of weight and hence does not let weight deform it.

It remains even in shape all over the edges including the middle of the mattress, while every other mattress makes a dig in the middle after few months of usage.

✅ No Back Pain

Normally when people wake up in the morning, we see them complaining about back pain and body aches when we ask the reason they say because the mattress wasn’t favorable due to which they couldn’t sleep well.

This doesn’t happen only with aged people but with the young generation as well, but Koala Mattress “distributes weight evenly” and its firm long-lasting springy layers won’t let the Mattress lower down and keep giving the cushion feels.

✅ Extraordinary Comfort & Feel

When I tried Koala Mattress for the first time, I observed just by looking at it that it should be very spongy and soft. But, when I put my hand on it I literally felt the soft fiber and I realized that there could not be any other Mattress except this one. My whole family including the children are having Koala Mattress.

✅ Extra Firm Edges

Best choice for the people who have the habit of sleeping on the edges. People usually keep their feet a bit out from the Mattress for comfort zones, and Koala Mattress meet their expectations perfectly. Plus the user will also get to experience the extra firm edge sag which other mattresses don’t have.

✅ Risk-Free Trial

Everyone has the right to choose anything, but everyone wants to choose the best. It doesn’t cost anything to see or check what’s best for us.

In fact, it satisfies our wills that we checked everything and end up finding the best, the trial is basically a test of the performance, quality or suitability of something.

Coming to the point, there’s no risk in trying Koala Mattress. Try everything and then choose the best.

Sizes and Cost of the Koala Mattress

  • Queen Size: Specially made for ladies, shaped in such a way that it doesn’t lose support in the middle or anywhere on the edges. Costs $900.
  • King Size: Designed for men, famous for its firmness and sleep quality. Foamy, fluffy and soft. Edges are having extra foamy sag for getting up or laying head purposes. Costs $1050 only.
  • Single Size: Designed for a single person soft as cotton and doesn’t let the person slide off from the edges because of the softening edges. Costs $600 only.
  • Double Size: Comfy for couples and children. Double sized Koala Mattress having foamable and spongy middle portion and the edges are soft to the end. Costs $800.

The Final Verdict

In nutshell, Koala Mattress is the best choice in mattress with it’s foamy, spongy and cool behavior. It completely satisfies the sleeper’s need, with springy downward layer sleeper’s body doesn’t ache or any pain in the muscle occurs.

Koala Mattress is so soft that its firmness and softness is unexplainable. It’s my best choice, and I hope it will be yours too.

So, I recommend you to give this mattress a try. You can simply go for a 120-night trial and I bet you won’t be disappointed!


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