Hugo mattress is a relatively new mattress that entered the Australian market a few years ago to give a tough competition to other mattress companies. This newcomer mattress is made up of memory foam that provides full comfort to the body without being too firm.

Its 4 layer structure is a great substitute for the traditional memory foam mattresses. If you are planning to buy a new mattress soon, then you should read this detailed review to know about the pros and cons of this mattress.

The detailed analysis of Hugo mattress would help you in knowing its unique features and how it is different from all the other mattresses of Australia. Keep scrolling to know more and don’t forget to redeem your extra 50% coupon deal I have cracked just for my audience.

My Hugo Mattress Review (After using 7 Days)

Hugo Mattress Review

Before we go into an extensive study of Hugo mattress, I am providing a list of all the pointers that are going to be covered under this review.

All of these would assist you in gaining accurate knowledge as well as minute details of the quality, size, weight and other prominent aspects of this mattress.

Let’s have a look:

Materials and Layers of the Mattress

Hugo Mattress Material

Hugo mattress is designed with materials like foam and latex that together creates its 4 distinct layers. These layers are planned while keeping in mind sleeper’s comfort. The 4 layers are:

  • Latex Layer: The topmost layer of this mattress is made up of latex. It aims at providing pressure relief and adequate coolness to the sleeper. This breathable, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial latex ensures a sweat-less sleeping experience. There are many mattresses that come with a latex material, but none of them used it in the top layer like Hugo; which makes this mattress unique.
  • Memory Foam Layer: The memory foam layer of this mattress supports the body and gives proper compression relief as and when required. This layer is also responsible for maintaining a medium level firmness in the mattress.
  • Transition Foam Layer: Below the memory foam, a layer of transition foam is used to maintain a balance between two comfort layers and provide a floating feeling. This layer also assists in weight dispersal.
  • Dense Foam Layer: The dense foam layer is the last layer that is created to provide a strong base to the mattress. This base has kept solid to maintain the shape and durability of the mattress.

Cover of the Mattress

The cover of this mattress comes in a two-toned design whereas the upper area is white, while the lower area is grey. This color combination provides a beautiful look to the mattress.

The quality of the cover is very similar to the other materials of the mattress. The blend of rayon and polyester is used to make the cover breathable. The use of these materials also contributes to the overall coolness of the mattress.

Although polyester is a strong material so, it doesn’t give super soft feel; which is the downside of this cover. Apart from it, using polyester in the sides is a wise move as it prevents wear and tear.

Comfort and Feel of the Mattress

Hugo Mattress Comfort and Feel

The firmness level of Hugo mattress is medium due to the accurate blend of latex and foam materials. Its firmness level is a very good feature which is gaining positive feedback from the customers.

The people switching from memory foam mattresses would find it firmer and more comfortable! The use of latex helped in minimizing the bounce as well.

This mattress is a big hit amongst side and back sleepers. When you lay in a side position, this mattress adjusts to provide good support to your hips side that helps the spine as well.

So, the firmness level of this mattress is perfect for side sleepers. In addition, the back sleepers would love the feel as the memory foam slightly hugs the hips and shoulders to give comfort to them.

The stomach sleepers would not be that much happy with this mattress, but still, it isn’t like other memory foam mattresses that put pressure on the sensitive parts of stomach sleepers. The latex layer would comfort them a little; which means they can also consider this mattress.

The foam layers thwart movement transfer, and the latex provides exceptional edge support; which is rarely found in memory foam mattresses. So, overall, this mattress is highly comfortable.

Weight of the Mattress

Every Hugo mattress comes in a well-packed box, and the average weight of the queen size mattress is 34-kilograms after full expansion. Moving and placing it isn’t a big hassle due to its compressed packing style.

The thickness of this mattress is 24.5 cm; which is quite average as compared to other mattresses. However, people looking for a very thick mattress can find this mattress lacking in that aspect.

In short, it is neither the thinnest nor the thickest mattress and comes between the two extremes.

Price of the Hugo Mattress

The price of Hugo mattress is under average, and it’s highly cost-effective. Available in 5 different sizes, this mattress can be afforded by a vast majority of buyers.

People looking for a memory foam mattress that lacks the side effects of memory foam and comes at a reasonable price can safely go with this mattress.

In brief, now you can get a good mattress without burning a hole in your pocket!

Let’s glance at the Hugo mattress prices:

Size Price
Single $695
King Single $795
Double $895
Queen $995
King $1095

Trial Period and Warranty of the Mattress

Hugo company gives you freedom of 3 months to decide whether you want to keep the mattress or not. In this period, you can either keep it or return it on the basis of your personal experience. You would be amazed to know that these returns are free of any pick- up cost, and you will get your full amount on returning the mattress within the prescribed period!

The validity of the trial period is less as compared to other mattresses, but we think 3 months are enough to decide how you feel about the product. Apart from it, the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty scheme.

Packaging and Delivery of the Mattress

You can order Hugo mattress easily online. They provide free shipping across entire Australia within a week. Every area is covered and your delivery time would depend on the area in which you reside. It might take a day as well as a full week.

The service is quick, and they provide the packed mattress to your doorstep so, you won’t have to face any hassle. The mattress comes in a cartoon.

You might require a little bit of help to transfer it to your room and place it on the bed if you have ordered a big size. So, keep this thing in mind.

Bed Type Compatibility of the Mattress

Hugo mattress can work well on any flat surface. It means you can place it on slatted beds, ensemble bases as well as your floor.

If you are considering slatted base, then keep in mind that distance between the slats should be less than 4 cm for best results. You can also place the new mattress on your old bed if it’s firm and flat.

The Final Verdict

I would love to sum up the whole review with my final thoughts on Hugo mattress. I like the fact that Hugo has used latex top layer; which makes it peculiar from all the other memory foam mattresses. The combination of various materials makes it beneficial for many users. The features like cooling effect and slight bounce make Hugo stand out from the list of all other Australian mattresses.

So, this mattress is an ideal choice for people who are looking for:

  • A medium-firm latex mattress made up in Australia
  • A mattress that provides utmost comfort to back and side sleepers
  • A mattress company that is famous for its commendable service
  • A high-quality mattress in affordable prices.

So, it’s time to place your order and test Hugo mattress on your own! Worry not; you got entire 90 days to evaluate and take the final call. I hope that this mattress changes your whole sleeping experience!



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