Ergoflex is one of the first companies that pioneered the concept of online mattress in a box in Australia in 2010. The mattress created by this company is a high-density foam mattress that is gaining appreciations of the buyers for a decade.

By using hospital-grade materials, the aim of this mattress was to provide orthopedic pressure relief, and it has achieved it very well!

A combination of durable open-cell foam layers in this mattress provides miraculously amazing sleeping experience to people with joint, hip and back pain.

Through this detailed review of Ergoflex mattress, you will know about every feature and detail of this mattress. All this information is necessary to make the right decision for your sound sleep.

My Ergoflex Mattress Review at a Glance

Ergoflex Mattress Review

By reading this review, you would be able to identify whether this mattress suits your sleeping style and preferences or not. Here, we have complied unprejudiced opinions given by users of this mattress to create a credible product review.

By the end, you will get the full feel of this mattress; which is enough to take a final call.

Now, let’s hop point to point in order to know about Ergoflex mattress:

Materials Used in the Ergoflex Mattress

Ergoflex’s latest version is the fifth generation of this popular foam mattress. The company has done all the necessary iterations to provide utmost comfort to sleepers.

All the online mattresses made up of memory foam often contain similar features, but Ergoflex is quite different from them because it is designed from high-density memory foam.

This 5G mattress is made up of 5 layers out of which three are foam layers, and the upper two are the cover layers. Keep reading to understand how each layer of this mattress helps the sleepers:

  • Cover layers: The uppermost layer is a white and grey cover created of tencel material that allows airflow, and it is highly breathable. This material is taken out of plant cells so; it makes the mattress moisture free and hypoallergenic. Below this, a second cover is placed that works as the inner protective layer. This second cover layer is made up of micro-fine fabric.
  • Visco-elastic memory foam layer: The first foam layer is high-density 9cm thick memory foam. The open cell structure of this visco-elastic memory foam provides awesome contour to the sleeper’s body, manage the proper airflow and relieves pressure point pain in every sleeping position. This layer is designed to increase the quality and durability of the mattress.
  • Cool sleep airflow foam layer: This layer is planned to control the temperature of the mattress. This cool foam layer disperses the heat build by the first foam layer. This breathable layer increases the air circulation in the mattress.
  • High resilience foam base layer: The last layer of this mattress provides spinal support and a proper base to the whole mattress. This 9cm thick layer is very firm and supportive.

All these layers together work to give comfort to every type of sleeper.

Feel and Firmness Level

This is a medium-firm mattress having memory foam that contours instead of sinking the body. Its five layers work like wonders to provide full head-to-toe support to the sleeper. The slow compression of this mattress is the best fit for people with back issues or patients who are recovering from orthopedic surgery.

Ergoflex mattress is an ideal choice for back and side sleepers. Memory foam of this mattress provides necessary lower back support and stabilize the joints of the back sleepers. It gives them comfort by allowing the right areas to sink.

The dense layer of the memory foam gives the much needed cushioning and support to the hips, shoulder and torso of the side sleepers. The contouring element of this mattress works like icing on the cake for side sleepers.

Although this mattress may not meet the comfort needs of stomach sleepers due to its medium firmness still, they can try it by adding an extra topper.

One added advantage of memory foam is the ability to control the motion transfer. Any movements are absorbed into the mattress; which makes it easy for both the partners to have a peaceful sleeping experience without any disturbance.

Some sleepers have also found that the stability of this mattress degraded over time and didn’t provide the same relief later.

Weight and Thickness

The dense memory foam layer makes Ergoflex heavier than other mattresses available in Australia. You can move it with the help of a few people as it comes in a compressed box. Its foam inflates and gets heavier after unboxing. You should keep rotating it after every 3 to 6 months to maintain the balance of sides.

This mattress has proved that the level of thickness doesn’t have anything to do with the firmness level of a mattress. Ergoflex is one of the thinnest mattresses with 23 cm width and yet it is medium firm. This mattress works perfectly with slatted frames and adjustable bases.

Edge Support of the Mattress

Ergoflex Mattress Edge Support

When compared with other similar mattresses, the edge support of Ergoflex was found way better. The visco-elastic layer makes its edges firm and supportive enough to prevent you from falling off accidentally.

You can sit and sleep on its edges without any fear. Definitely, there will be a little pressure on the edges when you sit there, but it is well managed by the high resilient structure of the mattress. In short, its edge support is worth-praising, and one can give it 8 out of 10 points safely.

The temperature of the Mattress

The airflow foam and Tencel covers contribute to the cooling of this mattress. The overall structure of this mattress is designed to enhance the coolness, but the very warm sleepers can experience a little bit of heat that remains in the top layer.

However, the makers have done extra efforts by adding an integrated cooling system in the middle layer of the Ergoflex mattress.

Cost of Ergoflex Mattress

As compared to other memory foam mattresses, the prices of Ergoflex are much cheaper. The best part is that this company hasn’t raised the charges that much even after years of success and positive feedbacks. Furthermore, it costs three times lesser than some of the high-end memory foam mattresses.

Let’s have a look at these prices:

  • Single: $859
  • King Single: $909
  • Double: $1199
  • Queen: $1349
  • King: $1599

Warranty and Trial Scheme

This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty scheme, and you can complain about any failures within this period. The trial period of this mattress is 30 days; which is comparatively less when compared to the trial period offered by other mattress companies.

During this trial period, you can return it if you aren’t satisfied with it. The return during this period is totally refundable, and the company also provide free pick up services from most of the locations of Australia.

Delivery Time & Shipping

The shipping is free for most of the areas of Australia. If you will place an order on a weekday, then there are high chances that you will receive the mattress the very next day. You may have to wait a little longer in case you are planning to place the order on the weekend.

Apart from it, you can also decide the delivery date as per your own preference. Ergoflex mattress arrives in a compressed form and inflates after 4 hours of unpacking.

The Final Words

According to our analysis, Ergoflex is an affordable memory foam mattress that works best for people who love firmer mattresses. This mattress is gaining popularity among sleepers of different sizes and with distinct preferences.

As per our research, the following type of people would love Ergoflex mattress:

  • People searching for anti-allergic bedding.
  • People who are looking for an orthopedic pressure relief mattress.
  • Back and side sleepers.
  • People desiring for a cool and medium-firm mattress.
  • People who want a mattress with removable and washable cover.

And the following people may not like this mattress:

  • People who don’t love the memory foam feel.
  • People who need more than 30 nights to evaluate the mattress.

So, if you come under the first category, then don’t think twice before placing an order! Buy your mattress today to get rid of painful sleeping experience as soon as possible.


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