Are you curiously looking for an honest review of Ecosa Mattress? Not to worry because this guide will give you an exclusive overview of the Ecosa Mattress and help you realize the most comfortable and relaxing sleep you have ever dreamt of.

My Ecosa Mattress Review at a Glance

My unbiased review will right away aid in taking the best decision for your sleep and health. I have covered all the features of Ecosa Mattress and my own opinion about the mattress further in this article.

Before we continue, here’s what you will find in this review.

The Material of Ecosa Mattress

While reviewing the Ecosa Mattress, I found that the mattress comprises a three-layer adjustable design. Combining the versatility of all G7 memory foam, Eco-Tex latex, and supported poly-foam, the brand offers a unique design which helps you achieve the perfect sleeping experience.

Ecosa Mattress Material

This mattress has three different configurations which allow you to adjust, reorder, and customize as per your sleeping style and preference. The mattress consists of Eco-layer soft contour to support your back.

There are two separate covers. The first cover is made with polyester and is removable, which makes it quite easy to wash. Besides, the tightly packed woven filaments in the second inner covers help protect the mattress from moisture, dust mites, and accidental spills.

Additionally, with completely compatible and adjustable bases, this mattress can be flipped or placed on the floor to get an ultimate feel.

Why Choose Ecosa Mattress?

Here you will get some positive points for which inevitably pushes you to just go for this Ecosa mattresses.

For a better quality of Sleep

If you feel you deserve a better quality of sleep, you must test the Ecosa Mattresses. These mattresses have been designed using innovative technology to give the unmatched sleeping experience.

Many people complain of low productivity and drop in performance due to interrupted sleep. For the disrupted sleep, your body and mind cannot function optimally, which in turn causes lack of concentration and focus.

But the brands’ commitment to transforming sleeping experience has led to the development of Ecosa mattresses.

Subsequently, this mattress allows you to attain sound sleep by its motion isolation capability, which eventually helps the body to relax to the fullest.

Plus, if you think, you have a restless partner who tosses and turns around then this mattress is perfect for you as it allows you to dose without worry. This event happens priorly due to foam layers which absorb movements, rapidly spreading it across the edges.

To get rid of Pain and Ache Problems

For people who have back problems, Ecosa Mattress is a panacea. Several peoples have experienced less pain and stiffness after they wake up from the mattress.

This transformation is much due to the mattress foam construction, which provides support to the neck and spine by providing cushioning to the pressure points.

While the mattress is an ideal fit for both side and back sleepers, you can easily customize the bed with different arrangements. Therefore, it will work remarkably well for the stomach sleepers too.

Moreover, this mattress works in different sizes and positions to easily alter the feel of your sleep. Thus, making it an excellent choice to enjoy the comfort of your bed.

Other significant reasons

Besides, the reasons stated above. There are several other characteristics to choose this mattress.

  • Firstly, It is warranted for fifteen years you don’t need to buy it in every five years
  • Secondly, after a tiring day, you need sleep to forget all your tensions. Thus, making it necessary to have Ecosa mattress for light and relaxing sleep. The reason behind it is the Ecosa Mattress is an adjustable and washable mattress which provides you better sleep than any other mattress.
  • Thirdly, it can be beneficial for your guests. Rather than making them sleep on any sofa, they can sleep on these mattresses, which will prevent slipping and sliding down their sleep and disturb the people sleeping next to them.

How does Ecosa Mattress feel?

In my Ecosa Mattresses review, I came across the fact that the mattress is quite firm and cozy. While on my test, I chanced upon that this mattress has thin and tiny pores of the bed letting the air pass from it which makes you sleep comfortably and doesn’t make the mattress too hard or too soft to sleep on.

The Ecosa Mattress will feel like you have sunk in a few centimeters while on edge.

As it does not have any spring, you will hardly experience any rebound like a spring mattress. However, there are 3-in-1 adjustability settings which let you control the firmness choosing the best configuration.

There are so many positions in which we tend to sleep. While some of us sleep on sides, some on the stomach, and some on the back. It maintains the body posture, and keep the head and leg intact to each other, and not making any of them sink in.

So, it might be hard to believe how it could be comfortable for every person!

How Much The Ecosa Mattress Cost?

The costs of each and every type of mattresses are mentioned below-
Single mattress – $599
Double mattress – $799
King Single Mattress – $699
King – $999
Queen – $899

There is a plus point of buying these mattresses. After purchasing the mattress, you can have a trial for the next hundred days to know whether the mattress suits your needs or not.

Ecosa Mattress is one of the competitors of mattress in Australia. The sleep on Ecosa is not like on an ordinary mattress. Though the price is slightly above average than the other mattresses, the quality is quite high too.

It uses its raw material to build the product, and the mattress is delivered through free shipping in Australia.

Pros of Ecosa Mattress

✅ Solid mattress with various feels: This product comes with three firmness options, and each one is firmer than the usual medium firmness. You will get alternatives like foam feel, latex-like feel which is bouncier or ply-foam feel, which is a little bit harder. You can choose the best one for you, according to your preference.

✅ Preferable for the allergenic: There are a lot of people who cannot have proper sleep due to the dust allergy, which is caused by a dirty mattress. Here come these mattresses for your help.

The mattress covers of this particular brand are machine washable. That is why these keep your sleeping area clean and dirt free. Another cover also comes with these mattresses, which help to keep the dust and dirt away.

✅ Perfect for the light sleeper: If you are an extremely light sleeper and wake up quickly, these mattresses are just for you. These will help you to provide a sound sleep without worrying about any issue.

Cons of Ecosa Mattress

❌ Not the best option for the softer mattress lover: The softest designs of these mattresses are still firmer than the usually considered medium firm. It is no doubt the best option for those who love this feeling or have a tendency of stomach sleeping or a little bit chubby.

There are also some people who choose the harder foam as these have the affinity of becoming soft within time. But the people who are side-sleepers and required some pressure relief can go for other softer mattresses.

Other advantages of having Ecosa Mattress

  • Trial period: The brand will provide you a trial period of 100 nights. After using, if you think that it is not perfect for you, you can return it, and you will also get back your money.
  • Warranty time: The Ecosa mattresses come with the warranty period of 15 years. They will assist you in every problem you face while using this.
  • Shipping charges: if you live in the United States, the shipping and return both will be free of cost. You can also buy this product in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Australia.
  • OEKO-Tex® Standard 100 Certification: This product is certified under OEKO-Tex® Standard 100. It shows that the materials and the fabrics which are used in these mattresses are perfectly tested in every step of the developing period. It also indicates that the materials have met the specific safety standard and does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certification: This product is also CertiPUR-US® Certified, which indicates that the foams of theses mattress are entirely safe for the users of any age. There are no hazardous substances and materials like lead, formaldehyde, mercury, and so on.


If you are in search of the best box mattresses for your bed, you are absolutely in the right place. After reading the top to toe details of Ecosa mattresses, you must get the hint that it will be the best choice for you.

These mattresses will reach your doorstep and will allow you to enjoy a free trial period. This fantastic product is perhaps the only box mattress which comes with 3-in-1 settings in terms of firmness.

These mattresses have waterproof protector which save the foam from any accidental spills and keep them dry. It also helps the sleepers by reducing motion transfer. It guarantees that none of the above will be the wrong choice.

So, stop wasting your time and choose the best one for yourself and family. Happy sleeping!


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