Are you in search of perfect night sleep with an ideal pillow for neck and head support? In this guide, we will let you know all the factors that need to be considered while choosing the best pillow. We will also brief you about the types of pillows available which will further help you to find an ideal pick.

List of Australia’s Best Pillows of 2019

  1. Best Down – Pillow Talk
  2. Best Memory Foam – Adairs
  3. All range pillows – Tontine
  4. Best Latex – Dunlopillo
  5. Comfort Pillows – Sheridan
  6. Best Pillow for Neck Pain – Zoma pillow
  7. Best for Side Sleepers – Target
  8. Customizable Pillow – Leesa Hybrid

1) Best Down: Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk Naturals 30% White Duck Down

This below has been rated one of the best pillows by many users and websites. People who have used this pillow rated it five stars in terms of comfort, customer satisfaction and value for money. Pillow Talk offers numerous sizes of pillows such as king, queen, standard, junior, European, body pillows and V-shaped.

Their one of the best pillows is Naturals 30% White Duck Down pillow as it helps in maintaining good sleep posture and suits all sleeping styles. It is a pillow in pillow design, in which the inner pillow comprises of feather for enhanced support. The outer cover consists of 70% feather and 30% down inside a cotton cover. There are many pillows that are usually polyester fill with a polyester cover on them.

This pillow is also different from others as its 2 in 1 design provides you with both support and sinkable softness. The price range of pillow talk starts from $7.95 for the baby range and goes up to $300 for Superior 90/10 Goose Down Pillow. This year the overall customer satisfaction was 4 stars as compared to last year when it was given 5 stars, but on comfort, it again got 5 stars which is inevitably the greatest part to consider while buying a pillow.

2) Best Memory Foam: Adairs

Adairs Luxury High Loft Surround Memory Foam Pillow

They manufacture their own pillows under Adair Comforts and Downtime line and numerous pillows under South Australian brand Mini Jumbuk. Their best pillow is Luxury High Loft Surround Memory Foam pillow which provides you with supportive memory foam along with a luxurious high loft surround. The best thing about this combination is that it offers spinal support and care for the posture in which you sleep.

The price range that they offer ranges from mid to high but has more focus on superior products. It comes in different sizes such as standard, European, king, standard, U-shape and body pillows that are filled with wool, synthetic fibre, goose, feather, memory foam or natural latex. These pillows are also treated well with Ultra-fresh so that they can provide antimicrobial protection.

One of the best things about these pillows is that they are easy to maintain as you can machine wash them and they take their shape again provides you support even after heavy use. Well, the range of these pillows begins from $30 but usually, the premium quality pillow ranges from $50-$100 and it goes up to $230. It might not be the cheapest memory foam pillow but the support and comfort it offers are amazing and thus it is worth paying for it.

3) All range pillows: Tontine


This is an Australian bedding company which offers pillow from all range starting from low to high, soft to firm. It is one of the best pillows in Australia as they provide excellent quality pillows with an array of variety to choose from. They claim that more than 80% of their products are made in Australia.

These pillows usually provide you with medium height and give a great feel when used as they are made up of superior quality material. There are numerous pillows designed by them particularly for kids, which ranges around $15 to $20. The good thing about these pillows is that they are easy to maintain and can be washed in the machine. The pillows are designed in such a way that it supports the head and neck so that it could promote correct spinal alignment.

Another good thing about Tontine is that all the pillows they make are antimicrobial treated and are endorsed by the National Asthma Council. There are a variety of pillows that they offer there comfortech memory foam pillow with bamboo cover is one which is most recommended as its Aircell memory foam perfectly fashions as per the individual shape so that it could offer maximum head and neck support. Thus, it is a great brand to opt for if you are seeking more comfort and support.

4) Best Latex: Dunlopillo

Dunlopillo Super Comfort Full Latex Pillow

It is one of the best pillows not only in Australia but in many other countries. Dunlippo produces latex and memory foam pillows which target high-end customers as its price range is $140 to $180 for the latex category. While the price for memory foam pillows starts from $85 and goes up to $200.

For the people who find memory foam a bit warm, its open-cell structure comprises of a Therapillo Cooling Gel that is known for its cooling properties and is a stress reliever. Whereas, the latex pillows comprise a structure that is boasted for superior ventilation. For both the categories, you get a guarantee for 10 years against faulty workmanship and materials.

Dunlippo products are made up of Talalay latex, which boosts its breathability, and mould ability. These pillows also resist dust mites, and bacteria naturally. Dunlippo pillows are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association of Australia.

5) Comfort Pillows: Sheridan

Sheridan memory foam pillow

It has been more than 50 years that Sheridan is producing pillows and is one of the recognized brands in Australia. Sheridan produces pillows of many types including latex/feather, goose feather, polyester, memory foam and down fill. It features a hypoallergenic layer and equipped with a soft and low profile which is an ideal frame for young people.

One of its category that is Deluxe feather and down latex pillow has a Talalay latex core that enhances the grip and support with a goose down a layer of 15% feather and 85% down.

It comes with an array of sizes and filling options including King and European sizes, with an option of the firm or medium fill. The standard size of costs about $70 for the Ultralaux pillow, whereas the price drops down to $45 if you go for standard size kids pillow. If you want to opt for a premium option in Sheridan pillows, its deluxe feather and down pillow costs around $300 which can variate as per the size you chose.

7) Best Pillow for Neck Pain: Zoma pillow

Zoma Memory foam pillow for back pain

This is an ideal pick for the people looking for comfort. It is not very thick in size and provides your neck and spine much comfort. You will not need to turn your pillow over Zoma ensures that their product does not sleep hot.

Zoma pillows are highly customizable as you can change the shape and material as per your needs. If you want to go for a thicker pillow, you can fluff the pillow up to the desired lot and going for a thinner option is also feasible, by massaging the pillow down.

Furthermore, these pillows are made up of mesh polyester and spandex cover. This makes it mouldable and breathable. Its price ranges start from $30.

7) Best for Side Sleepers: Target

This brand produces ample pillows at affordable prices for different sleeping needs such as back sleepers, tummy sleepers, allergy sufferers, side and back sleepers. Target uses various types of material for pillow construction including memory foam, polyester, trying to give a feel of down with polyester, Pincore Talalay latex, and duck feather core surrounded with a layer of down.

There are 2 shapes of latex pillows. The first one is a regular shaped pillow for side sleepers, and the second one is a contour shape for back sleepers. It also manufactures body pillows and even takes good care of pregnant women by offering 2 types of pregnancy sleeping pillows for support.

You will be glad to know the price range of Target pillows which just starts from $6 in a pack of two and goes up to $60. If you want to buy its premium collection for extra support and better ventilation, the price starts from $80. These pillows are featured with ‘Healthguard’ protection that claims to have anti-dust, anti-bacterial, and antimicrobial properties.

8) Customizable Pillow: Leesa Hybrid

Leesa Hybrid Pillow

These pillows are made by using different materials to make one product. A hybrid pillow is made up of more than one type of filling , it has advantages of both gel-infused and polyester microfibers. This pillow is made differently as compared to the other construction of other pillows.

The cover of this pillow is quilted well with polyester microfibers which provide you with complete comfort and coziness. On the other hand, the down alternative is very thick and is not appropriate for stomach sleepers; hence they should avoid buying this pillow.

This pillow is loved by the users because it is customizable, if you want you can use the gel foam side and you can try the down side too with or without the insert. The good thing about it is that you get 3 year warranty with it. The queen size Leesa Hybrid pillow is for $125.

We understand that having a sound sleep is a requisite and that is why we want our readers to know everything about pillows that are crucial for enhancing your sleep experience.

Which Pillow Material you should go for?

We have jotted down a few types of pillow material used in its construction that you should know before you buy one.

1) Latex pillows

You might be aware of the term ‘Latex’. It is a renewal and biodegradable product made out of the rubber tree’s sap. Latex pillows are best known for their durability. These pillows are supportive and comfortable. One of the major benefits of latex pillows is that they are naturally hypoallergenic. These pillows have a lifespan between 5 to 10 years.

2) Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows are best known to relieve pressure and mold to the shape of your head. These pillows are stuffed with gel-infused memory foam with a cooling gel top. These pillows are recommended by doctors for the people suffering from back or neck pain. Although, it might take some time for the new users to get used to it. They have a lifespan of between 5 to 10 years.

3) Shredded Memory Foam

These pillows are quite different from regular memory foam pillows as they contain only one solid block of memory foam which is shredded. These pillows are best known for their malleability as the shreds of memory foam can move around and adjust the foam inside better to provide you a firm and soft support to make you feel more comfortable. They have a similar lifespan to that of standard memory foam pillows.

4) Polyester

Polyester pillows are quite reasonable as compared to any other types of pillows fill. Being inexpensive does not mean that it is not lightweight, flexible, and soft. The only drawback of these pillows is that its lifespan is not like other material pillows.

Many branded stores have a wide variety of polyester pillows such as Targets, Walmart, and many others as it is the most affordable option one can go for. It usually develops bumps and can be used for not more than 2 years. Whereas, poor quality polyester pillows will not last for more than 6 months.

5) Wool

Wool is a renewable and biodegradable fiber sourced from sheep used for many purposes such as filling for pillows, blankets, mattresses, clothes, etc. However, wool pillows are not very commonly used as these pillows are expensive as compared to polyester ones and they do not even provide much comfort and support. Wool blend pillows last for 4 to 5 years.

6) Feather and Down

As the name suggests, feather pillows are filled with a combination of goose or duck feathers and down fabric. Higher the ratio of down, more expensive these pillows will cost. Basically, down makes the pillow softer and increases its lifespan for up to 10 years. These pillows are very flexible and can be fluffed in whatever shape you want to change it into.

7) Cotton

It is one of the oldest textile used in filling up the mattresses, blankets, cushions, etc. The pillows that are filled with cotton include breath-ability and no off-grassing. However, these pillows are not very long-lasting as they get flatten out and lose their loft.

8) Microbead

These are chemical-based pillows that are made up of synthetic. Microbead pillows can make you experience an unpleasant stench. However, these pillows are durable, comfortable, breathable, and mouldable. If you do not want to spend much on a long-lasting pillow, you can go for Microbead pillows.

9) Water

Yes, you have heard it right. Water is filled in some pillows and can be used as a mini-bed. You can adjust the water as per your neck and head requirements, which makes it extremely customizable. The lifespan of these pillows depends upon your usage and care. They can long last up to 10 years and can burst immediately if you fill in water more than its capacity.

Factors To Consider To Maintain Your Pillow

You can ensure your pillows last longer if you keep the following steps in consideration:

  • Always buy a Pillow protector before you start using it. It will keep your pillows away from oils or moisture, stains, keep it fresh, and clean.
  • Shake your pillow and fluff it up regularly. It will kill all the dust mites and ensure its cleanliness.
  • Not all the pillows but pillows like polyester, and Latex can be washed up once in a week. Frequent washing up these pillows will make it long-lasting.
  • Drying up the pillows in warm air and sunlight.

Types of Pillows

Before we talk about the best brands of the pillow, first let us discuss the types of pillow, so that you can decide on what sort of pillow you should opt for such as standard size, European, etc. Let’s have a look at the points mentioned below:

1) Wedge

The shape of the pillow is very similar to cheese. When you would lie down on this pillow, it would elevate your neck, shoulder and head slightly that would let you snooze more upright. These pillows can also be used while reading or watching T.V as it would lift your head without using an adjustable base. This pillow is also recommended for people who experience lower back pain as if you place this pillow beneath your knee, it would ease the pressure on your tailbone.

2) Standard

Usually the standard size of the pillow is 20”X26”. These pillows support neck shoulder and head, plus they also maintain spinal alignment and encourage a healthy sleeping position. They are the most commonly found pillows in bedrooms and they fit pretty well in standard and queen-sized pillowcases. They come in a variety of fill types and heights.

3) Contour

These are the orthopaedic pillows as they support the muscles in the neck and lets your neck rest naturally without any strain. They are made from memory foam, foam or latex and are characterized by two slopes. The benefit of two slopes is that you can choose which side fits under your neck the most. These pillows are best for side and back sleepers as they give relief to their neck pain but they should be completely avoided by stomach sleepers. These pillows provide spinal alignment and give relief to tension.

4) Body

These pillows come in the same size as your body. They are long and slim but are great for pain relief, they measure around 20”X54”. This pillow is best for side sleepers if they have a joint or hip problem, they can sleep using this body pillow between the knees and legs so that it can lessen the pressure points and make your spine healthy. Thus it can be a great accessory for side sleepers.

5) European

People usually use these pillows as decorative displays. Their shape is comparatively unique because normally the pillow comes in rectangular shape but this pillow is square in shape. You can use this pillow to prop yourself up in bed for watching T.V, reading, etc. You can use it behind your pillow for extra cushioning. The measurement of this pillow is 26″X26″ and can also serve as extra support for all sleeping types.

6) Pregnancy

They are alike body pillows, as they too provide relief to pain and any discomfort. They are usually double the size of a body as it wraps around your complete body easily. Experts recommend that this pillow should be used below the knees and rest your stomach on top of it. Your head would be comfortably placed within the curve if U, with the help of this pillow, pregnant women can find a comfortable sleep and restricts tossing and turning.

7) Neck

These are one of the best pillows especially for travelling, they come in a kidney or U shape design which can be easily placed around your neck. The benefit of using a neck pillow is that it supports your neck muscles and keeps the head in a natural position. They can be used in travelling to get a comfortable sleep but you can also use it every day to relieve chronic neck pain.

Summing It Up

So which type of pillow do you want to go for? After reading this guide, if you might be thinking to change your pillow, the other important thing to know is to pair the right pillow with the right mattress. Mattresses play an equally important role as pillows to provide you robust support, and in keeping your spine aligned.

We are sure that after reading this guide you know about all the significant aspects of pillows, and it will be easier for you to choose a perfect pillow matching your requirements.


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