Finding the right mattress can be a very hectic task, especially when the Australian market is full of zillion mattresses companies.

Mattresses that come in a box are online products; which is why you have to be even more vigilant while purchasing them. You can’t get the real feel of it without buying it. Yes, there are online reviews available for every other mattress, but still, no one has that much time to read them all.

To solve this problem, we have curated a list of best box mattresses that contains only the necessary information about these mattresses. Reading this article would help you in finding the perfect box mattress for you within the shortest period of time.

A Glance at the Best Mattresses in a Box

To create this list, we have gathered the data from various credible sources, customers, and websites to give you an insight of box mattresses that are best in one aspect or the other.

These mattresses are also the top favorite of customers. Now, let’s look at the list of our best picks:

  • Eva Mattress: Best in Price Value
  • Sleep Republic Mattress: Best in Pocket Springs
  • Koala Mattress: Best in Combination Foam
  • Ecosa Mattress: Best in Latex Feel
  • Sleeping Duck Pro: Best for Stomach Sleepers

It’s time to get in-depth yet quick information about each of these mattresses. You can also read only about the mattresses whose specialty is related to your preference. But, reading about all of them would be highly beneficial for you!

1. Eva Mattress: Best in Price Value

Eva Mattress Picture

Eva is a brand that values your every penny, and that is quite visible in the quality of the mattress they are selling. To cut off the outrageous prices, this company has taken out the middlemen and dealing with their buyers on their own.

Usually, there is a big difference in the materials and quality of less expensive and most expensive mattresses available in the market. There are rarely a few mattresses that are less expensive yet contain all the necessary materials that can invoke good sleep. According to our research, Eva mattress is best among them.

Why Buy Eva?

Hybrid mattresses are in trend nowadays. Eva is also a hybrid mattress that allows people to experience the benefits of foam as well as spring designs in one single mattress.

Hybrid mattresses are quite expensive in Australia, and not every sleeper can afford them. Yet, Eva is an exception to this, and one can purchase any variant of this mattress within a budget of one thousand dollars.

Eva is a foam and micro spring design that provide proper body contour and bounce. The softness of foam and the support of springs come in a fusion in this mattress. It features mini coils that act very differently from traditional springs.

It is a medium-firm feel mattress which is good for side and back sleepers. Its thick design provides extra cushioning and support.

2. Sleep Republic Mattress: Best in Pocket Springs

Sleep Republic Mattress Picture

Sleepers who don’t fall into any specific sleeping category are choosing hybrid mattresses over traditional designs. Most of the hybrid mattresses use pocket or coil springs along with a few layers of foam. The fusion of these two allows people to enjoy the contour and pressure relief of foam and the bounce of inner springs.

However, not every hybrid mattress is perfect. The low-quality materials like weak springs lose their rebound, and cheap foam becomes shapeless with time. While researching about all the hybrid box mattresses of Australia, we found out that the Sleep Republic tops in the usage of best quality pocket springs.

Why Buy Sleep Republic?

Unlike many other hybrid mattresses, this one is perfect not only for the side and back sleepers but also a majority of stomach sleepers. The use of high-quality pocket springs along with gel infused memory foam makes it a worth trying box mattress of Australia. It has a medium firmness level which suits most of the average sleepers.

Its spring base provides better edge support and bounce, and the layers of memory foam and latex give the plush feel. People changing from traditional spring mattresses would love this without any doubt. Buy sleep Republic if you wish to end the struggle of getting out of the bed.

3. Koala Mattress: Best in Combination Foam

Koala Mattress

A majority of mattress companies use a combination of various types of foam layers to give the best comfort to the sleepers. They develop their own foam types or a unique mix with a strategy to help various types of sleepers. These combination foam mattresses are ideal for people who don’t love typical spring mattresses and all-foam designs.

When we compared various combination foam box mattresses, we determined their value on the basis of customers’ reviews, comfort in various sleeping positions and their ability to provide quality sleep.

On comparing and contrasting plenty of mixed foam mattresses on these grounds, we came to the understanding that Koala mattress is best in this category.

Why Buy Koala?

Koala is one of the most popular online mattresses, and it has developed its own mixed foam known as Kloudcell foam. This foam is ideal for providing the medium-firm feel to the buyers. This specialized foam works just like the blend of memory foam and latex.

You can find the springy and breathable feel of the latex, and contouring and cushioning of memory foam in this mattress. It also features a high-density eco-foam layer which is designed to provide support and eliminate the sinking effect.

Together all these materials work like wonder for average sleepers. This mattress is winning the hearts of sleepers so; you can give it a try.

4. Ecosa Mattress: Best in Latex Feel

Ecosa Mattress

People who are not satisfied with the bounce of spring mattresses and all-foam designs are moving to the latex mattresses; which is why latex designs are also gaining popularity in the online Australian market.

Authentic natural latex mattresses are good for people who care about the environmental effects of a mattress. But, most of the high-quality latex mattresses use synthetic latex; which also provides similar comfort.

However, latex designs also include springs, memory foam and other materials because latex alone can’t be sufficient to meet the needs of sleepers. A latex design is best for you if you are looking for a more breathable and bouncy mattress.

Although, the new upgrade in Ecosa has substituted latex layer with ECO-tex memory foam; which is also very similar to latex. Still, Ecosa is the best mattress for enjoying a latex feel according to us.

Why Buy Ecosa?

Ecosa is a foam plus latex mattress that features environment-friendly natural latex layer. It comes with a customizable design in which the buyers can choose the firmness level as per their preferences.

You can select the layers to get the medium, medium-firm or firm feel in this mattress. You can rarely find this feature in any other foam-based design.

The innovative cover layer of Ecosa is also unique as compared to other all-foam mattresses. Its micro-filament inner cover provides 99% protection from all the dust insects and allergens. In addition, its 100% waterproof and breathable quality sets it apart from other mattress covers.

The fire-resistant woven silica sock between both the cover layers is also a distinct characteristic of Ecosa. You should buy it if you want a high-quality latex foam mattress.

5. Sleeping Duck Pro: Best for Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping Duck Pro Mattress

Finding the right box mattress for stomach sleepers is a really a headache because most of the box mattresses are ideal for side and back sleepers. Even experts claim that sleeping on your stomach is harmful to your spine and neck. But, choosing the right mattress can eliminate these side effects of stomach sleeping.

Stomach sleepers require a mattress that is soft yet supportive. Its softness takes off the pressure from the hips, knees, and chest, while its supportiveness prevents back pain by aligning your neck and spine properly.

They can’t prefer too soft mattresses due to the fear of developing dips, and they can’t go with too firm mattresses as it can cause knee and hips pain. Considering all these things, we have found out that Sleeping Duck Pro is the perfect mattress for stomach sleepers. Let’s know-how:

Why Buy Sleeping Duck Pro?

Sleeping Duck Pro is a fully customizable mattress that every sleeper can arrange as per their sleeping preferences. The stomach sleepers should choose the medium-firm layer for customizing their mattress; which is soft and supportive. You can change these layers if you don’t like the initial combination within the trial period.

The best thing is partners with different sleeping styles can customize the half mattress to meet one partner’s needs and the other half for satisfying the other partner.

The customizing feature of this mattress solves the problem of stomach sleepers who can’t find comfort easily on any already built mattress. If you are a stomach sleeper, then place an order without giving any second thoughts to change your life!

We hope by now you must have found the box mattress of your choice. If yes, then place your order now without wasting any moment!


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