3 million people in Australia suffer from back pain. So, it’s not a coincidence if you also experience severe back pain. Although visiting your doctor should be your priority to know the cause of this condition still, your sleeping circumstances can also be the cause of your back pain.

We spend one-third part of our life while sleeping; which is why you should ensure that your back and whole body gets proper comfort during this time.

Considering this common pain condition of lots of Australians, we have created this mattress guide that will help you in finding the right mattress to alleviate your back pain.

We have also provided useful information about the connection between back pain and mattresses. After reading all this, you will be able to identify the best mattress available for back pain sufferers in Australia.

First, let’s understand the relation between mattresses and back pain:

The Connection between Back Pain and Mattresses

Back pain isn’t the result of medical conditions every time. Sometimes, our sleeping habits and the physical circumstances in which we sleep are the root cause of this pain. This point is important for you if you have already visited the doctor and your reports don’t show any medical problem that can point towards your back pain.

In this scenario, you need to find out the answers of a few questions like:

  • Do you wake up anytime in between night?
  • Do you wake up with a feeling of discomfort and stiffness most of the times?
  • Do you struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position?
  • Do you feel physically exhausted when you wake up in the morning?

If the answer of most of these questions is yes, then you are experiencing this back pain due to your mattress for sure.

An old and sagging mattress can’t provide proper support to your back while sleeping. On the other hand, very hard or very soft mattresses can also not give the much-needed back support.

It is proved by a survey of Harvard University that people with back problems can’t get good sleeping experience on very hard or very soft mattresses.

This survey also found that these people get the most comfortable sleeping experience on the firm and medium-firm mattresses. So, there is a deep link between your back pain and your mattress choice.

The List of Best Mattresses for Back Pain Relief in a Glance

To find the best mattresses under this category, we have searched the whole Australian mattress market. After that, we have shortlisted a few online mattress brands with a firmness level that will suit back pain patients perfectly.

We have found our best 5 mattress brands from this list after comparing all of them on the basis of quality, durability, customers’ reviews, etc.

Our list contains 5 mattresses because one mattress can’t be perfect for each sleeper. We hope that you will find your perfect mattress after gaining extensive knowledge about these 5 mattresses. Let’s have a look at these:

  1. The Sleeping Duck Mattress
  2. The Ergoflex Mattress
  3. The Koala Mattress
  4. The Sommuto Mattress
  5. The Ecosa Mattress

1. The Sleeping Duck Mattress

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review

Sleeping Duck mattress is perfect for back pain patients because this hybrid mattress gives you a chance to experiment with various firmness levels and find your own perfect one. Made up of foam and spring, this customizable mattress provides perfect support and bounce to the sleepers.

You get the chance to choose between two firmness layers- medium and firm. The best part is that every part of this mattress can be customized in a different way. It means if you need extra cushioning or more firmness for your back’s comfort, then you can ask for it. This mattress is great for various sleeping positions.

The spring support and cushioned top layer of this mattress are ideal for side sleepers. Back sleepers can try firmer top layer to keep their spine properly aligned.

The gel-infused memory foam provides support to the sensitive parts of stomach sleepers. Hundreds of springs installed in the pocket spring layer make this mattress supportive, while the latex layer provides a natural bounce.

So, the overall construction and customization options of Sleeping Duck make it ideal for alleviating the back pain.

2. The Ergoflex Mattress

Ergoflex mattress

Ergoflex mattress is included in this list because it is specially designed for orthopedic pressure relief with hospital-grade materials. It is a memory foam mattress which provides necessary contour at every right place of the body without sinking them too deep.

The moulding capability of this mattress makes it perfect for people suffering from any pain. This is a medium-firm mattress made with high-quality materials.

Apart from relieving your back pain, it also keeps you cool. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, its open cell foam doesn’t let it retain the body heat. The cover of this mattress is designed with Tencel fabric to keep sleepers perfectly cool.

This material is breathable and hypoallergenic. Below the top cover layer, there is another protective layer of micro fabric which guards the mattress against all the dust mites. All of these materials together make Ergoflex a worth buying memory foam mattress, especially for back pain patients.

3. The Koala Mattress

Koala Mattress

People suffering from back pain require a mattress which is “not too firm and not too soft”. The top rated online mattress brand Koala is an expert in providing this exact feel to the sleepers with its special self-made Kloudcell foam.

This foam works like a fusion of memory foam and latex. It contains the qualities of both materials so; it’s springy, breathable and great at contouring and cushioning as well.

The creators have also taken care of the deep sinking issue by installing a high-density eco-foam layer in the mattress. This layer, along with the others, provides the necessary support to your spine; which in turn alleviates your back pain.

This mattress takes time to adjust, but you get the trial period of 120 nights to judge its quality and effects. In the end, we would say that if you have back pain issues and looking for a memory foam mattress, then Koala is best for you.

4. The Sommuto Mattress

Sommuto Mattress Review

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Sommuto is another memory foam mattress which created to hit the sweet spot. It is made up of high-quality Australian foam and fabrics only.

That’s why it is better than other memory foam mattresses that are made from foreign materials. The cost of this mattress is surely more than the other all-foam designs, but its materials have the potential of healing even the worst back pain.

Apart from this, there are scores of reasons to choose Sommuto over other mattresses. The fusion of gel-infused memory foam, the comfort foam and high-density support foam give it a balanced feel. Memory foam is ideal for pressure relief, and gel maintains the coolness in the mattress.

The main weapon to fight against your back pain is the Sommuto’s comfort foam layer; which is unique. This layer flexes to your body curves perfectly; which in turn provide great support.

The Tempright breathable knit cover is another feature of this mattress; which is worth mentioning. All in all, Sommuto is the perfect choice for many back pain patients who have a good budget for buying a mattress.

5. The Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa is yet another mattress in which you can customize the firmness level as per your own personal comfort. You can switch the layers to change your firmness level from the given three options that are medium, medium-firm and firm.

This is a rare feature in the foam mattress industry; which is why we added this mattress in the list. Back sufferers can feel the much-needed comfort on this mattress mainly because its memory foam and high-density foam layers which provides pressure relief and support.

The innovative mattress inner cover is the added advantage of this mattress. The micro-filaments inner cover protects it from allergens and dust mites. Also, it is totally breathable and washable. In addition, the soft knitted polyester cloth of the outer cover provides an awesome feel to the sleepers.

The fire resistant woven silica sock between the outer and inner cover multiplies the quality and durability of this mattress. Overall, this is a great value mattress which should be tried by back pain sufferers.

So, by now, you have gained enough knowledge to understand which mattress can be best to provide you with utmost comfort and heal your back pain. You shouldn’t think much because we have shortlisted only the best available mattresses in Australia. Go with the mattress that you liked most and place the order now!


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