Peaceful sleep is the result of sound psychological health and physical surroundings. One can’t fall asleep until he/she gets proper internal as well as external comfort.

Talking about the external comfort, you need a proper bed, normal temperature, adequate silence and lots of other things to be fully comfortable at night. Among all these necessities, your bed is the most significant one.

An ideal bed consists of a good bed frame and a comfortable mattress of your choice. You can’t compromise of any of these elements if you are serious about an amazing sleeping experience.

If we talk about bed frames, they are much more important than just adding aesthetic value into your bedroom. Being the foundation of your mattress, they can affect its overall performance and durability.

So, choosing the right bed frame is as important as finding the right mattress for your bed. Considering this, we have compiled the full details about the best bed frames of Australia to assist you in making a right bed frame choice. Let’s have a look at this list:

A glance at Our Best Bed Frames:

We have curated this list of bed frames and their extensive details to help the varied type of buyers. To meet the needs of every buyer, we have selected bed frames of different sizes, budgets, specifications, and designs.

All of them are easily available in Australia, and some are designed especially for compressed box mattresses. So, suit yourself and pick as per your taste from the given list:

  • Emma’s Design Kyoto Bed Base
  • Egroflex Premium Bed
  • Koala Timber Bed Base
  • West Elm Mid-Century Platform Bed

Now, stop doing all the other tasks and focus on this. After all, getting the right bed frame requires full attention!

1. Emma’s Design Kyoto Bed Base:

Emma’s Design Kyoto Bed Base Structure

Emma’s design is a Sydney based company that produce every type of bed bases. Kyoto bed base is one of their products which is produced in Malaysia but sold in Australia by Emma’s design.

Kyoto bed base is a slatted metal frame which is available in Queen Size and King Size in black color only. This bed base is ideal for people who struggle to get out of bed daily.

In addition, its design is perfect for contemporary homes. If you are looking for an elegant, designer, durable and high-quality bed base, then you don’t need to look further as this one has it all!


The Kyoto bed base doesn’t have feet like typical bed bases as it is constructed of solid beams that sit directly on the floor of your room. To strengthen it and to provide additional support, the company have used solid beams not only on the edges but also in the center.

Apart from these beams, the bed is totally open to regulate airflow and prevent moisture issues. You won’t have to worry about storage as its height provides plenty of underneath storage space. This bed is designed without any bed head, but you can add wall-mounted bed head if you wish.


The height of this bed base is 30 cm; which is why it is counted under the category of low bed bases. This height is best for patients who are recovering from some surgery as they can easily hop in and out of bed with this bed base.

Apart from it, the specific dimensions of both variants are:

  • Queen Size: 240 cm x 153cm x 30 cm
  • King Size: 240 cm x 183 cm x 30 cm
  • Gaps between slats: 13.5 cm

Delivery and Maintenance:

To make it easy for delivering and placing it at the accurate place, the company deliver it unassembled. You can easily assemble it by reading the instructions. For maintenance, you have to wipe it out with dry cloth weekly.


$290 with one year warranty.

2. Egroflex Premium Bed:

Ergoflex Premium Bed Design

If you like customizable and unique things, then you can purchase Ergoflex Premium Bed which allows users to choose the base, headboard, and fabric as per their own preferences.

Yes, the entire bed would be made to meet your personal demands here in Australia. This is a luxurious bed base that is accompanied by an expensive price tag.


The whole process of customizing your bed is online. You can go to their official website to select the base of your preferred height and headboard from 30 different color choices.

The combination of various preferences can make up to 3,200 possible designs! The whole bed is constructed in Australia using Australian materials like Victorian ash hardwood and pine, and Warwick fabrics. All of these materials make high quality and sustainable bed base.

Delivery and Maintenance:

This bed base comes in 5 different variants namely single, king single, double, queen, and king. You will have to wait for 3 to 6 weeks to receive your bed base as creating a product according to your preference takes a little bit of time. However, the delivery is free of cost.


As it’s a custom-made bed that comes in plenty of variations and sizes, the prices of every variant are different as per the materials selected by the buyers. So, you can find your individual prices only after selecting every material of your personal bed. The warranty period is 5 years.

3. Koala Timber Bed Base:

Koala Timber Bed Base Design

Koala Timber Bed Base is a simple yet appealing low bed base made up of timber. This ultra-modern bed base is best for people who love minimalistic furniture.

This bed frame is manufactured in China but designed and sold in Australia. Koala provides a durable yet affordable bed base which is specially designed to complement Koala mattresses. However, you can try it with other mattresses also.


Koala has designed this bed base very strategically, and you can see that! The bed base contains special storage behind the bed head for storing small things. It also consists of separate holes for the cables of your electronic devices and big platform that give a floating feel to the whole bed.

This bed base is available in two sizes: King and Queen. The whole frame is made of up pure timber with honeycomb core strength, and the surface of this base is flat instead of slatted. The frame is properly ventilated and ensures airflow.


To complement the modern look, this bed base is designed with a very low height of just 23cm; which can be an issue for some sleepers. However, it makes getting in and out of bed easier for others. But, adding Koala mattress on it makes its height perfect.

The specific measurements of both variants are:

  • Queen Size: 228 cm x 167 cm x 80 cm
  • King Size: 228 cm x 197 cm x 80 cm

Delivery and Maintenance:

The delivery is free of cost, and it takes only 4 minutes to assemble this slat-free bed base. Having a water-resistant coating, this doesn’t require any additional care.


  • Queen: $800
  • King: $1000 with a 5-year warranty

4. West Elm Mid-Century Platform Bed:

West Elm Mid-Century Platform Bed Design

Mid-century Platform bed by West Elm is a fully wooden bed frame that blends the traditional and modern components perfectly. West Elm is a Brooklyn based company that sells bed bases in Australia as well. Looks-wise it is a clean, minimalistic and uncluttered base perfect for people looking for a sophisticated bed frame.


This is a slatted bed base which is designed to provide proper support to the mattress and utmost comfort to the sleepers.

The classic wood and walnut appearance accompanied by angled legs and bold plain bed head make its design striking. The fusion of walnut veneer with the water-based walnut finish is the hidden secret of its eye-catching beauty!

Flexible wooden slats allow airflow in mattress and the bed. Available in three different sizes viz. King, Queen, and Double, it is created by keeping in mind the size of Australian mattresses; which is why any Australian mattress can fit it well.


If you are a fan of lower bed bases, then the height of Mid-century Platform bed base is perfect for you; which is 29.9 cm.

Delivery and Maintenance:

This bed base comes in an unassembled form, and you can choose the deluxe delivery option if you wish to outsource the assembling part. Its wooden structure requires simple maintenance and cleaning it with a dry cloth would be sufficient.


  • Double: $595
  • Queen: $995
  • King: $1,195

Now, stop staring at the screen and order the bed frame that is matching perfectly with your preferences! It’s time to gift yourself a precious peaceful sleeping experience with the best bed frame of Australia!


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