Olivia Smith Hello there! My name is Olivia and I am a 28-year-old Australian blogger, Mother (Two beautiful kids, one little princess and a humble king), affiliate marketer, Speaker, and proud puppy owner.

Originally from America, I took the leap to move to Australia back in 2016. Here in Australia, I get the chance to work for a few of the small mattresses companies, where I learned all the tidbits of a good quality mattress.

With the thought of helping others to get their dream mattress, I started my blog, better bed deals, where I will cover all the topics such as,

  • What are the Best Mattresses options available in Australia?
  • What are the key points to look for before buying a mattress?
  • What are the different bed sizes available in the market?
  • Reviews of the various Mattresses In Australia

Not just this only, I will also cover other subjects like, how to sleep properly, how to protect your mattress, etc.

Besides that, I am a thinker, a passionate traveler, and a part-time workaholic. And just in case you want to know more about me, here are some random facts about me:

  • I love to read books
  • I am a big potter fan.
  • I love to bake cakes, though no one complements me yet šŸ™‚
  • I love being around my kids, they are my life.

In reality, Iā€™m a very approachable gal. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my social media or through the contact form.

And yes, I love to hear about your opinions on my blog. I will reply to each one your questions, I promise